709 W. Main, Greenwood, MO 64034

Police Department

Message from the Chief of Police

I have the full intention to continuously create a Police Department built on the values of fairness, equality and strong ethics. There is no room for mediocre Police Officers in this department. Through quality training and continued support, the Greenwood Police Department continues to build itself on the path of Professional Policing and exceptional community service.

It is my view that Police Officers for The City of Greenwood are to be Professional Police Officers with high integrity, great knowledge, compassion for the public, and are equipped with the tools to perform the tasks of their duties to a higher standard.

Communication between the Police Department and the public it serves and protects is key. I encourage Community Policing and I encourage public feedback to police performance and citizen concerns. I am here to mold The Greenwood Police Department to the needs and wants of the Citizens of Greenwood.

Thank you,

Chief Greg Hallgrimson

Mission Statement

Serving, protecting and working with our community in a professional, ethical and energetic manner to prevent, reduce and solve crime thus improving the quality of life in Greenwood, Missouri.

  • We will constantly exercise integrity, respect, and fairness at all times.
  • We will act honestly, truthfully and in a trustworthy manner.
  • We will treat citizens and the general public with respect and we will perform our duties in a fair manner.
  • We will provide equal treatment of all persons without prejudice or bias.
  • We will provide leadership to the community by performing our duties in a progressive and innovative manner.
  • We will establish and display ourselves as Professional Police Officers at all times.
  • We will hold ourselves , and each other, accountable for the high quality and professional performance of our duties.