Question: When is court held? 
Answer: Court is generally in session on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. 
However, you must be scheduled on the docket. Each ticket has a court date written in the top left-hand corner. 

Question: What hours is the Court office open? 
Answer: The Court office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The Court office is closed on Wednesdays.

Question: Do I have to appear in court? 
Answer: Some citations are payable prior to court through the Violations Bureau. If the citation qualifies there will be an amount listed on the attached Fines and Costs Schedule. If you were involved in an accident or injury; in a construction zone or school zone; speeding 20 mph or more over the speed limit or carry a CDL license, you must appear in court.

Question: Is it possible to continue my court hearing?
Answer: You may call the Court office at 816-537-6969 (Ext. 103) and request one continuance by phone. Domestic Violence cases will not be continued without a court appearance. If a second continuance is necessary, you MUST APPEAR in court and speak to the Judge. 

Question: If I am a witness or victim on a case, will I be notified of the court date? 
Answer: On a Domestic Violence Assault, you will usually be given a subpoena by the police officer advising you of the court date. You are required to appear. On other cases, you will not receive notification to appear unless the defendant is pleading NOT GUILTY and requesting a TRIAL. You will then be sent a subpoena to appear. 

Question: If I post bond, will the bond be returned to me? 
Answer: The bond is a guarantee that you will appear on your assigned court date. If you appear in court, your fines and costs will be taken out of the cash bond. If there is a refund due, you will be mailed a check the next business day after court. If the bond is not sufficient to cover your fines and costs, you will be expected to pay the additional amount. 

Question: What happens if I post bond and do not appear on my assigned court date? 
Answer: A warrant may be issued and a Notice of Bond Forfeiture Hearing mailed for you to show cause as to why your bond should not be forfeited.  If you do not attend the Bond Forfeiture Hearing, your cash bond will be forfeited.

Question: Can I request a Public Defender to represent me? 
Answer: The law only requires an attorney to be appointed if both of the following apply: 
1. You must be indigent 
2. The charge must be a charge that the Judge is going to sentence you to jail 

Question: Can I request an appeal? 
Answer: If you plead NOT GUILTY and have a trial and are found guilty you may request an appeal. The Judge will set an appeal bond and there will be a filing fee. You will have 10 days to file the appeal, post the appeal bond, and pay any costs associated with the appeal. Your case will then be heard at the Jackson County Circuit Court in Independence. 


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